Farago & Associates now offers newspapers even more ways to attract upscale readers and add to your bottom line. We are adding our local Health & Fitness magazine program to our offerings. Headlining the program is our Success Lives Next Door™ main feature. In each issue of your newspaper’s own Health & Fitness magazine, we will highlight the successful efforts of one of your areas own residents who have achieved success through a health or fitness challenge

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Coupon magazines provide important added value to your subscribers and TMC packages and generates an entirely new revenue stream for your newspaper. Main Street Values offers you a turnkey program specifically designed to compete head-to-head with local direct mail products. The monthly distribution of this four-color, high-quality, glossy savings magazine is delivered in the positive environment of your hometown newspaper.

The AT HOME local magazine program gives newspapers an elegant and practical homestyle insert to attract upscale readers who have disposable incomes. This four-color, highly-illustrated magazine will not just add prestige to your paper – it will add to your bottom line.